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The magazine PRIMAPERSONA [First Person] 
publishes unedited autobiographical texts 

which track the lives of the "ordinary people" 
who send them in to the Archive, 

with added comments from anthropologists, 
historians, sociologists, linguists, philosophers or writers, 

and believes that autobiographical writing is well-worth investigating.

The magazine "Primapersona. Autobiographical Paths" of the Diary Foundation Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano (Arezzo) was founded in 1998. It is a six-monthly appointment for those who love autobiography and wish to follow the initiatives of the “Archive of Pieve”.

The magazine provides the Archive’s diaries with a public voice as well as space for a more general debate 
on topics related to autobiography.

Scientific referees at the Foundation, European experts in autobiography, contributors to the Archive and the selection committee for the Pieve Book prize all write for Primapersona.  

Since the publication of Issue number 22, the magazine has been edited by Forum Editrice of Udine.

Founder Saverio Tutino
Photoeditor Daniele Cinciripini 

Primapersona is a member of Cric    Primapersona aderisce al Cric
and is included in the Registry of Cultural Magazines of the Administrative Region of Tuscany


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